Boost your brand's power with our easy to set up white label system. This lets you use your logo, colour scheme and domain name across SendPilot so your clients get a truly unique experience! 

To whitelabel the domain name as your own, you'll need to set up a CNAME record in your domain registrar account (eg. GoDaddy, They can help with this if you cannot do it. 

Create a CNAME record that points to the below record:

Important: You will need to use a host like 'app' or 'social' or whatever you like - we do not support CNAME flattening. This means you'll have SendPilot hosted on or for example. It will not work if you just have

Wait for the CNAME changes to propagate - this can take up to 24 hours so be patient! When it is ready, you should be able to visit your domain name and be presented with the whitelabel SendPilot client login page that looks like this:
If so you are done!

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