Branding your portal is a great way to impress your clients and make your team feel at home! 

With SendPilot, it's really easy. 

As the agency admin (for control rules see this article), you can change the branding options:

  1. On the dashboard, click the grey 'Branding Options'. 

2. Upload your logo (for high resolution display we recommend using a vector image format like SVG). 

3. You can then change the colour palette you want SendPilot to use for branding purposes. This will style all buttons, emphasised text, and some menu options for you and your client. 

4. Finally, add your agency name. This will show your client that you are managing their account for them, and also change the page name (visible in the browser tab bar) to your agencies name! 

Click save when you are done.

Ps. We are soon introducing full white label options so you can have it all connected to your own domain name! Great for agencies who want their own social media manager, writer and curation system! You won't find anyone else doing that!

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