SendPilot integrates directly with DesignBold, so you can use their powerful editor right inside SendPilot. 

To use this feature, you need a FREE DesignBold account, which you can get here

Once you have an account, first you need to create a campaign in SendPilot. You can find out more if you need help by reading this article.

Then, click the Design Graphic button under the image on the post as below: 

You will then see a popup appear, that will ask you to Log In with your DesignBold credentials. When you click Log In, sometimes DesignBold can take a minute to log in, please be patient. 

You should then be able to create your graphic. We have automatically adjusted the canvas size for social media. When you are ready, just download your graphic and then upload it to SendPilot using the Upload button next to the blue Design Graphic button. 

That's it!

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