Many businesses have established tone of voice or brand words that they would naturally want in their posts. 

With SendPilot, you get control over your posts and we allow you to create post templates that get combined with dynamic data from your blog so that your brand is conveyed at its best to your social media audience. 

To create a post template (you can have as many as you like!), follow the instructions below: 

  1. In your SendPilot dashboard, click the 'Create Post Template' link, which looks like this. 
  2. Then just enter your post template in the input     field. You can include hashtags, links to videos or webpages, and any text you like. We recommend keeping it short and sweet (6 words or less) to ensure it complies with Twitter character limits. 

Thats it! Your post templates will now be used mixed in with our template library to get a good mix of posts in your campaigns.

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