SendPilot not only writes posts using your blog content to market your articles, it actually understands what topics you are writing about. This means if you are blogging about food, SendPilot knows this and can now curate news and content from the largest content providers around the web and create a series of posts to distribute to your networks to add value to your followers. 

These posts are scheduled for short term posting, as they are usually time sensitive like the latest news, so we set the default scheduling period over 2 weeks as oppose to 12 months. 

To use the content curation feature:

 1. Click 'New Campaign'.
2. Click the 'Curate & Share Content From Around The Web' button. 

3. Paste your blog article URL into the field. The curated content will be of the same or similar topic to your article, so make sure its on the topic you want to discuss on your social media!

4. Edit or approve the written posts! Thats it!

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