As an agency, you will have clients you want to manage. This lets you give them a sign in portal (the dashboard is branded with your colours and logo!) so that they can view all of the posts you have created, their social calendar and even add posts themselves (if you enable this).

Once you connect up their social networks in your admin dashboard, you will be able to post directly to their social media accounts using the client manager. 

But first, you need to create those clients. To do this, follow the below: 

  1. Click the 'New Client' button on the agency dashboard. 
  2. Input the client details like image, name and their email address. 

3. Click 'Create Account' - This will send an email to their client address and automatically create them a client account. 

Your screen should look like this with your new client: 

That's it! Now you can click 'Team Access' and share access with your team, 'Edit' to change the client's photo or name and 'Manage' to start creating campaigns on behalf of them! Before doing this, remember to send them to the reset password page in order to generate a new password so they can log in and connect their profiles!

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