Before you start this, you want to make sure you have connected your SendPilot account to Buffer. If you haven't done that, click below. 

A campaign is defined as a series of 8 posts scheduled over a 12 month period in SendPilot. When you paste a blog URL into SendPilot and click 'Create Campaign', this will count as 1 campaign towards your monthly allowance. 

Within each campaign, you get 8 posts. 

To start, click the blue 'New Campaign' button in the top right corner of the dashboard. It looks like this: 

This will bring up the 'Paste URL' menu, where you can paste in your blog URL. Then click the 'Get Content' button. This will crawl the webpage for text, images and data that will be used to compile your posts!

That is how you create a campaign in SendPilot. To keep things simple, we have broken out the full process into a series of articles, so next up you'll create your posts and review them.

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